benefits of e-commerce to stay-at-home moms

Benefits of E-commerce to Stay-at-Home Moms and Their Families

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We, moms, are always busy with our kids and household chores. Most often than not, we don’t have any more time for ourselves because we put our families first in our priority list.

The benefits of E-commerce to stay-at-home moms and their families will surely ease the burden of their financial woes.

In today’s generation, it’s not enough that the husband is the only breadwinner in the family. Couples must help each other to provide their children with a better future.

Making both ends meet is very difficult nowadays, especially with the rising prices of basic commodities, not to mention rent, water, and energy bills.

If you’re a stay-at-home-mom like me, there’s a way to make the best of both worlds. You can make money while taking care of your children at the same time.

Leaving your home isn’t necessary just to find food to serve on the table. E-commerce is the perfect solution to your monetary problems.

What is E-commerce?

E-commerce is a kind of business structure that emphasizes on dealing with commercial transactions. This is done through electric networks using the Internet.

E-commerce means electronic commerce which enables businesses and people to procure goods electronically.

The benefits of E-commerce to stay-at-home moms and their families are endless. They won’t have to get stressed regarding time or distance barriers.

Aside from purchasing, they can also market their merchandise.

Why is E-commerce Important?

E-commerce is important as more people go online. Due to its several advantages, many Internet users prefer online shopping over conventional shopping. Who would want to go to the mall full of people?

Who would like to endure the long hours of travel, not to mention the waiting time when you get caught in a traffic jam?

Stay-at-home moms need not have to experience all of these, especially when they are most needed at home. Shoppers can place their orders online and just wait for their purchases delivered to their doorsteps.

Stay-at-home moms can still do business even with kids around (Image credit: pxhere)

The benefits of E-commerce to stay-at-home moms like me are very important. If you have a baby or a toddler, you can’t just leave and buy what the family needs in brick-and-mortar locations. The same thing goes when you want to sell something.

Another important thing about E-commerce is the purchasing power that it provides to consumers. People from every corner of the world can procure various products from different online sellers. They can buy these items which are not available in their respective countries. These buyers can also be sellers at the same time, selling their products globally through online.

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It would be a time-saving task for elderly people, busy employees, and especially stay-at-home moms. They can just stay at home and do their motherhood thing while selling their items online. This way, they can help with the family’s financial needs without leaving the house for work.

When you sell directly online, you are increasing your reach. Having an online store will make your profits no longer restricted by the number of people who can visit your physical store. E-commerce allows you to sell your products throughout towns, provinces, and even other nations or states.

Your internet-based store enables you to accommodate shoppers who are more comfortable browsing and buying online when retail stores are not conventionally open.

Shopping and selling online is a time-saving effort for both buyers and sellers. Phone calls are reduced regarding availability, descriptions, operating hours, or other details found on the firm and product pages.

Reasons Stay-at-home Moms Prefer Online Shopping

Stay-at-home moms are among those who prefer shopping online. Check out the reasons why they and other people do so.

  • Convenience

This is the biggest factor why most people prefer to shop online. For most busy people, they don’t have enough time to go to a retail store because of their work. After work hours, it’s either they’re already exhausted or the store is already closed.

E-commerce provides consumers the convenience and flexibility of placing orders online. Stay-at-home moms can browse and purchase online without any interruptions when the baby and the kids are already sleeping. You can place orders at any time of the day or night since online stores are open 24 hours a day.

Gen X stay-at-home moms can better choose what they want and what they need when buying online. They have enough time to browse on the internet and search for goods. Based on the Forrest Research 2012 study, Gen X moms are the biggest online retail spenders.


  • Send Presents Hassle-Free

Distance will no longer be an excuse not to send presents on special occasions like birthdays, weddings, and holidays. Sending gifts to loved ones and friends is now easier. You can even request some online stores to have it gift-wrapped with a lovely message.

  • Price Differentiation

It’s much easier to research and compare the prices of products online. You will have a lot of choices since many sellers sell the same products. You can choose which product has a better offer, especially the price.

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Just like in the law of supply and demand, if there are too many products that are the same, the tendency is, the price becomes lower.

  • No Hustle

Shopping could be more enjoyable and easier if there is no hustle. Most shoppers don’t like crowds when they go shopping at retail stores. This could be a huge headache particularly during the holiday seasons and special events.

It’s irritating when you bump with people while walking or looking for something to buy. You feel that you’re in a hurry and won’t be able to shop better and ends up going home instead.

  • Shop at Home

Normally,  most shoppers don’t want to travel far when buying their need and want. Why would they do that when they can place the order in the comfort of their homes?

Same thing with stay-at-home moms who don’t need to leave the house to buy groceries and other things. Besides, you can maximize your purchases because the cart will tell you the total amount to pay before you confirm your order.

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Benefits of E-commerce to Stay-at-Home Moms

If you’re one of those busy and stay-at-home moms, you can also take advantage of the benefits of E-commerce. Running your own online business can combine your professional and parental aspects with much less discord.

  • Controllable Earnings

You can be both a mom and a businesswoman at your own pace and time. You don’t have to sacrifice your time rearing your kids or running your E-commerce business since you can do both simultaneously. Your earnings can add to the family’s income which is a great help for paying bills, debt, buy food, and other important things.

  • Manage Home Business and Become a “Mommypreneur”

If you’re a working mom and have small children, either you’ll hire a nanny or leave them to your parents or in-laws. Likewise, when you’re running a retail store you need to leave them behind so you can concentrate on your business and serve your customers better without any interruptions. Wouldn’t it be nice if you can be a businesswoman and a mom at the same time?

One of the best benefits of E-commerce to stay-at-home moms is the freedom of leveling their professional and personal life. You can be a “mommypreneur”, doing business at home while taking care of your family. Besides, they can be your “business partners” while you’re doing some chores at home. They can attend to the queries of your customers regarding the products you’re selling online. Involving your family members in your home business will be beneficial for the whole household.

  • Combine Passions with Money-Making
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Once you become a mom, you lose the time for doing your passions. It’s because your time is fully consumed by the family. However, you can turn that passion of yours into a money-making machine.

If you love crocheting or sewing, you can make beautiful projects that you can sell online. You can also teach your children and add the proceeds to the family income or keep the money for themselves to save.

  • Make it Work for You

E-commerce requires no age limit. You’re never too old to conduct business at home and sell online. Learning new skills is a lot of fun and your millennials are sure to assist you when it comes to mobile or computer navigation.

It’s best to connect your online home business with mobile devices since it’s the tool most people from all walks of life use for browsing, watching, buying, and selling.

Pursuing your passion and your love for your family will make your home business experience more enjoyable. You can choose from a plethora of shopping platforms such as Shopify and Magento.

Look into each possibility thoroughly to perceive the level of commitment and skill each needs to specify the platform that will establish your lifestyle and level of proficiency.

You can still work and earn even at home while taking care of your baby. (flickr/Tim McCune)

Manage your time wisely for a maintained healthy life balance and spend quality time with the family. You can work on your website while the kids are at school or already sleeping. In that way, you can focus more on your business and better serve your customers.


Even while running a business, you can still become a wonderful stay-at-home mom to your kids. Start your home enterprise and get rewarded with the benefits of E-commerce.

Benefits of Ecommerce to Stay-at-home moms

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