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4 MOST Common Mistakes To Avoid When Starting a Business

Ever since I was a child, I already have many big dreams. I want to have a big house with a swimming pool, and a beautiful garden. I want to have nice cars, and of course to travel to different countries.

Now that I am pursuing my childhood dreams (except for the big house because I realized that it’s high-maintenance), I couldn’t help but made mistakes along the way.

These are the common mistakes that I think almost everyone is doing which I was very guilty of. These mistakes are obstacles that will delay your progress if not prevent you in the attainment of your goals and dreams.

Realizing these common mistakes and making the necessary remedies on how you can address each one will dramatically improve yourself. But mostly, addressing these common issues will significantly move you towards success and I want to share them with you.

Common Mistakes to Avoid


You’ve planned everything out, your product, marketing, website, portfolio, etc. and yet you have not launched your business. Why? Because you keep on trying to improve or change things that you think do not fit or match. You keep on tweaking, editing, and trying to make it look “perfect”.

Guess what? It’s never going to be perfect. No business, job, or idea is perfect from the very beginning. Improvement is done as you go along. You will only discover what needs to be changed or missing or anything like that if it’s already out there.

If you keep on trying to make it “perfect”, it’s never going to be launched. You’re never gonna know until it’s out in the world.

I’m not going to play innocent because I am so guilty of this. I guess it’s part of me that wants everything well-planned and organized.


Progress over perfection. It’s never going to be perfect. There will always be an improvement because that’s just the way it is.

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I’m not saying you should launch your business even if it’s still in the conceptualization stage. I’m not saying go and present your business proposal to a client even if it’s just a draft and not properly laid out.

What I’m saying is to launch even if you feel uncertain. Present even if you’re scared. Publish your website even if it lacks pages or design. Don’t get stuck in one area of your business because you’re trying to perfect it. As long as it’s done, move on to the next task. Small incremental steps that move you toward your goals will certainly give you positive results.


Research and reading are a definite must in one’s pursuit of ambition, but too much of it can overwhelm you with this bunch of information. This is another common mistake of anyone who’s trying to pursue something whether in business or their career.

You analyze what you research but because you have gathered too much information, you will compare each of them. This leads to over-analyzing which causes a delay in your progress. This is called the analysis-paralysis. It’s the inactivity or lack of execution due to over-thinking.


What I do about this is that I gather information only from 3 to 5 articles from reliable sources. I would then collate what’s common in them and incorporate my ideas.

Too much information on the internet can sometimes make you more confused that’s why you don’t take action right away. Limit your research to a few credible sources to save you time from over-analyzing. Like in the mistake of perfectionism, you will never know unless you execute your plan so stop over-analyzing things.


This is a common mistake, especially for start-up entrepreneurs. Because you cannot afford yet to outsource certain areas of your business, you grapple with time just so you can squeeze every task within your allotted hours. Twenty four hours is even not enough for you that’s why you do things simultaneously.

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As a mom, I am again guilty of this. Because moms have so many things on our plate, sometimes we do not even have the time for ourselves. This is where multi-tasking comes into play. I can simultaneously feed my daughter, do some research on my laptop, as the laundry is spinning in the washer and our lunch is simmering in the stove while I’m listening to a podcast. But this is wrong.


I’ve learned that there are practical ways to manage your time and I’ve also learned about self-management instead of time-management. If you also think that by multi-tasking you are being productive and that you’re moving fast towards your goal then think again. When you’re multi-tasking, you’re not focused on doing only one thing but instead, you’re distracted with other different things.

Focus your whole attention on only one task, finish it before moving on to another task. By focusing on only one task creates a more quality outcome because you have dedicated your one hundred percent attention to it. Putting your undivided attention on a single task yields a better result because of the high amount of energy that you give to it.

Shiny Object Syndrome

Don’t panic, this is not a contagious disease. This is jumping from one “bright” opportunity to the next one without first making the previous one work. It’s another common mistake among entrepreneurs who are easily swayed by one sparkly object to the next and yet not one turns out to be successful because there is no focus.

With so many opportunities on the internet and some people even, boast of their achievements and show off their cars, house, travels, and money, who will not get envious? That is why you will try different sorts of things that these people said made them rich. All these kinds of income streams imply that you will also achieve what they have achieved and so you will be persuaded.

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If what you tried doing didn’t pan out even if you have not yet fully put your entire effort into it, you will look for another thing that you think might probably work for you. Then you see another opportunity that also looks very promising that caught your attention and then you also try doing that.


First, assess the thing that you want to try. Does it require a lot of your time? Does it require a new skill? If it does, are you willing to learn that skill? If not, then don’t jump into it just because other people are successful in it.

But if you think you can do it, don’t make the common mistake mentioned earlier of over-analyzing. Do it. Put your 100% effort into it. Nothing will work unless you make it work.

But if despite the intense hard work, and you’ve exhausted all your efforts and energy and if you think it’s not going to fly, then you can shift in a different direction. But unless you’ve tried your best, don’t be influenced by that shiny object.


These are the common mistakes that you should avoid if you want to achieve your goal. You will sometimes fall back into the temptation of these common mistakes but just keep in mind how your actions will affect your results. Remember that nobody and nothing is perfect, and that execution, hard work, and consistency are the keys to success.

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