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Fast and Cheap Web Hosting With Unlimited Storage

Whether it be a simple blog website or a robust e-commerce store, having an online presence is a big factor to grow your business.

Bill Gates said that, “If you’re business is not on the internet, you will be out of business.”

Building a simple website nowadays is easy with WordPress. But having a great looking website is just the tip of the iceberg. Fast website and 99.9% uptime is possible only with a reliable hosting company.

Getting the best web hosting we can find to house all of your site’s data is essential to every website owner.

For me, fast and cheap web hosting are just two of my basic requirements and of course, technical support is also a must especially for non-techies like me (Well, I built this entire website all by myself but I still consider myself non-tech savvy).

There are a lot of web hosting companies that claim to offer the same thing. But it’s also important to take note of the essential features that you should look out for in a web host.

My current web host not only meets my basic requirements but it also has features that are far better than what others can offer. I am currently using TMD Hosting in their Business Cloud Account and so far I am very happy with it.

This is my third hosting company in 2 years. It only has only been months since I transferred and so far I never had any issues with them.

My second hosting, Siteground (Grow Big Plan), was great also, however, the renewal price was a bit stiff for a simple blog like this.

Upon researching on Google and on YouTube, I found TMD Hosting (I think it was on YouTube). The price is very cheap considering it is a Cloud Hosting.

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But what is Cloud Hosting? 

For a non-tech savvy reader, I’ll describe it very simple with no jargon.

It is having your website hosted over multiple servers instead of just one. Thus, giving you the benefit that should there be a failure of one server will not mean the failure of your site.

So any slack on your website, other servers will pick them up and accommodate them to run your website smoothly with no hassle.

The most common hosting plan, however, is the shared hosting. This is where different site owners share the same server. This is why shared hosting is more economical because you are sharing your server with other website owners.

The downside of this is when a website has a ton of traffic, other websites on the same server get affected. Not only that, because your website is hosted on only a single server, anything that goes wrong with it, of course, your website carrying your business is down.

There are different kinds of hosting. Shared hosting is the most cost-effective, but Cloud hosting has a more guaranteed level of performance.

The reliability and fast performance of Cloud hosting make it a little bit pricey in some hosting companies. But surprisingly with TMD, it’s the opposite.

They offer this kind of hosting at a very affordable price. While others are looking for fast and cheap web hosting, in my case, I have already found this gem.

Others are offering it for not less than $100/month, but with TMD it’s only $6.95/month for a 3-year plan, $8.95/month for a 1-year plan, and $13.95/month for 3-year plan. This is paid annually.

What I Like About It:


Cheap does not necessarily mean poor quality. Because TMD Hosting negates this misconception.

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Not only do they give amazing features but they also give fast and cheap web hosting. Using a plugin to monitor my website’s performance, there was never a recorded downtime. This gives me the assurance that my visitors will have a great user experience.

A slow website will turn off visitors which increases your bounce rate which is not good for search engines. It’s also bad, especially for e-commerce stores because of the lost traffic and sales.

Ease of Use

Once registered with TMD hosting, you will have a client area where you will see all about your current plan, the billing/invoices, and the support where you can easily submit a ticket if you have questions or concerns.

I like to have a short learning curve on an interface of any account. That way it’s easy to find what I am looking with no time wasted.


This is always the first thing anyone looks for in any product most especially when it comes to doing business and wanting an online presence.

This blog has a pretty decent amount of visitors and there are not too many images and no videos that’s why the features of their Business Cloud are already too good for me.

It just so happens that their cloud hosting pricing is very affordable and their uptime is 99.9% and that got me.

In fact, TMD’s pricing of their cloud hosting is almost the same as the price of the shared hosting and cloud is for me better than shared. So why would I go for shared hosting in other companies when I can get the same amount in TMD for a better type of hosting.

Support ​

 When you visit their website, you will already be automatically greeted by a sales representative which is awesome.

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Anyone who is not tech-savvy will be glad to have his questions answered right away and also make clarifications. This helps a lot before making a decision and an impressive pre-sales service.

For existing clients like myself, they do have email support that will respond to you within 24 hours.

Site transfer and SSL installation is also a part of their tech support that I took the privilege of availing. This got some tech stuff off my shoulders and a time saver for me, too.

What DON’T I Like About It:

A 24/7 chat support would be so much better than just email support.

In a nutshell, getting a hosting provider should be well-thought-of since they will carry your entire website or your business. It’s best to go with the one who you think can meet your needs and can make sure your website is up and running 99.9% of the time. 

As for which type of hosting whether it be shared or cloud, it would all depend on what type of business you are in. 

If you would be having a website that would require a lot of functionalities and huge data such as videos, then you need a robust hosting. 

I believe TMD hosting delivers well if you’re looking for fast and cheap web hosting. Their cloud hosting is value for money. 

As long as my website is always up and the speed is fast, I’m good to go.

Some of the links in this website are affiliate links. I get a commission if you make a purchase using those links with no additional cost on you.

If you want to use TMD Hosting, there is an additional 7% discount using my link only. 

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