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Being a stay-at-home mom is a busy home career. Well, maybe not for everyone but it is for me. And despite this, I continue trying to achieve something for myself. It’s a difficult journey but I won’t stop until I get the result that I want and that is to be financially independent.

And if you’re someone who is a dreamer like me, here are the things that will help you get the result that you want. It might be losing weight, learning a new skill, starting a business, or any kind of goals you have.

1. Start Your Day Early 

Our day is filled up with household chores, unplanned tasks, and unavoidable circumstances. No matter how I plan my day, there will be times that my 6-year old daughter would ask me to watch tv with her just to keep her company. Or when my high-school daughter will also ask me to review her for their upcoming quiz.  

These are just a few of the things that I can say no to. I try to watch tv with my kid only for a few minutes and then I’ll explain to her that mommy has to work on my computer.

So what I tried to do was to wake up very early in the morning. It’s hard to get up when I sleep late at night, so I have to adjust my sleep routine.

I try to sleep before 10 pm so I can wake up at 5 am. But because I do some stretching for 15 minutes to jolt my mind, and I write in my journal (I skip sometimes), 30 minutes have already been consumed.

Before I know it my youngest daughter is already awake, asks for breakfast and my early morning plan is put off again. 

So I have to adjust again and wake up at 4am. It’s not easy but I have to so that I can get the result that I want.

Waking up at 4 am is not a constant for me. It makes me feel too tired and very sleepy early at night which sometimes makes me cranky if I lack rest and sleep. I just do this sometimes.

But what is consistent is to wake up before everyone else does which is between 5 to 6 in the morning.

But I can see why a lot of successful people prefer to wake up at 4am. 

The quietness of dawn gives me the best moments to work on my task. These are the moments that I can totally get focus on my task before the distractions of the day begin. 

It’s all about me, my thoughts, and my work. I savor this time of my day. Really! 

And when the sun rises, I feel like I have already accomplished a lot. Well, not exactly a lot. But what I mean is it’s a different feeling of having the first two early hours for me to work on my goals towards my dreams.

I enjoy the serenity of the dawn. Try it. It’s so worth it.

2. Turn Off All Distractions

Our attention span is now shorter than that of a goldfish by one second. Humans have 8 seconds while a goldfish has 9.

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This is so short that we should not add any more distractions to our lives. Did you know that it takes 20 minutes to get our full attention back to the task after we get distracted?

Distractions can come in many forms and affect different aspects of our lives. But one thing is certain, distractions affect us and have a great impact on our lives. 

Problems are the distractions that have great effects on us and our lives. We cannot avoid problems though I believe sometimes we can, that’s a different point. 

But when it comes to getting things done, I turn off the wifi of my phone so I won’t get notifications. The only tabs open on my computer are WordPress, Grammarly, and Google when I’m writing my blog post.

No sound of television or music. Just me and my thoughts.

But because my desktop is in our bedroom right beside our tv, I don’t write my blog when my husband is watching. I do something else that does not require extensive thinking like graphic design.

I try to keep my mind on the task at hand and not on what I have to do next. 

As for the problems, I set them aside and deal with them later. 

3. Plan Your Day

My day will be unproductive and not progressive if I don’t make a list of what I have to do. 

I like taking down notes and writing my to-do list for the week and for the next day.

As a matter of fact, I have two monthly calendars. One if for all the deadlines of bills and payments, and one is for my work calendar.

No matter how sharp your memory is, it’s still important to jot down notes and make a list of your daily activities. It’s not just about not forgetting anything but it’s a way of organizing your day.

Also, keep the most important and urgent tasks on top of your list and do them first before the rest. If you’re confused about which ones are urgent and important, read this article.

4. Take a Break 

I have a tendency to overwork. I even work on weekends. Whatever it is that I am doing, I always think of what topics to write about, the social media posts that I should schedule, what dish to cook for the next day, and more.

Too much thinking about sorts of things makes me get overwhelmed. Sometimes when there are too many things on my plate, I easily get irritated. 

When these things start to happen, I become aware that I need to step back from work. Having a lot of things on my mind for quite a long time makes me overwhelmed and exhausted. This does not give me the result that I want but it does the opposite.

To refresh my mind, I take a break from everything. Sometimes I go strolling at the mall, and when I get tired I’ll have my favorite coffee at a coffee shop.

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If my friends are free, we also go out for lunch or a snack and catch up on what’s going on in our lives. We also sometimes just hang out in one of my friends’ houses. Watching movies, listening to podcasts, and reading books also help. 

Having a foggy brain will not help achieve your goals so take time to relax and unwind from time to time.

5. Build Better Habits

What better way to get the results that you want than by building better habits? Well, this is easier said than done. I think this is the hardest thing to do for anyone and not just for moms.

Do you know the Pareto Principle or the 80/20 rule? Applying it to ourselves, 80% of the results that we get comes from the 20% of what we do.


So what is that 20%?

I don’t know about you, but it could be too much time on Facebook that’s why you have lots of “friends”, you know different news and some could be fake.

Maybe long hours on Netflix that’s why you have finished different Korean series and other movies as well.

Perhaps you’re broke because you’re always on the lookout for what’s new on Shopee or Lazada especially during sales.

Maybe you feel sluggish, tired, and sickly because you eat too much junk.

Just think about this, what is your current situation right now? Think in terms of skill set, health, finances, relationships. 

Are you feeling motivated because you watch motivational videos instead of movies? Are you getting more great information and ideas because you read a lot of books?

Do you feel you have more stamina now and energy because you’ve been eating healthier foods and exercising? Do you have more savings now because you set aside at least 10% of your income and buy only what you need?  

If you want to achieve a goal, like having a healthier body then change your eating habits.

Want to buy yourself nice gold jewelry? Then change your spending habits.

If you want to learn a new skill, spend at least an hour practicing that skill. 

The more hours you spend on a certain activity, of course, the better you become good at it. This is because you’re building habits.

The amount of time you spend on building bad habits is the same amount of time on building good ones. So why not rather spend it on building good habits? 

Time is the most important resource that we have which we can never bring back. Don’t waste it. Spend in on things that will give you your desired results that your family can also enjoy when you reap the rewards.

6. Never Let Go

The process of hitting your goals especially if it’s a big one is not easy. Hurdles and trials are part of it. So when times get rough and the challenges seem to succumb you, just hang on to your dreams. 

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Remember why you’re doing it. Think of the feeling you would get once the results materialized. Imagine how rewarding and fulfilling it would be to achieve it. Especially if you’re already halfway to your desired results, the going gets really tough. But it’s tougher if you stop because you have to start all over again.

It’s easier to maintain the momentum once you have already built than to start from the very beginning.

Just continue holding on to your goals. When you fall, rise. When you’re tired, rest. And when you feel like giving up, pray. When you’re hurt, you’ll come out stronger. 

Never let go. Take a moment to visualize that you have already achieved it.

Try to visualize that you’re already living in your dream home. The dream body that you wanted is taking shape in you. The book that you’re writing is already half-finished. You’re becoming a better speaker. How does that make you feel?

Imagine how happy your kids will be if you’re happy.

Persevere until you get the result that you want.

7. Pray

Nothing beats the power of prayer. When you’ve done your part of working hard, did everything you can, and did the best you can, then leave everything to God.

Pray for more strength so you can continue working. Pray that your plans work. When you’re tired and exhausted, surrender everything to God and He will give you rest.

Seek, sow, surrender.

Stay-at-Home Moms Today

If you feel like everything is going wrong, like you feel that nothing you do is giving you the results you want but you don’t see a glimmer of light, just pray. When you feel like giving up, look up to the heavens and pray.

The answers may not be given immediately because God only knows why and we won’t understand now. What we’re asking for will have answers not now, maybe later.

It’s just that God is only teaching us a lot of things. Maybe patience, hard work, determination, persistence, or generosity. The key is to work hard and entrust everything to God. 


For any goal you’re trying to achieve, be it small or big, planning ahead will guide you to stay on track. Take action and execute those plans as you go. Make the effort to change some of your habits that you think are not helping in getting the results you want. Also, take time to rest to recover from tiredness and avoid mental fatigue. Then cap it off by praying and just leave everything to God and trust that He will give what’s best for you. 

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