Low Capital Business Ideas for Moms at Home

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More and more moms are choosing to stay home so they can be with their children on every milestone. Doing this may be one of the hardest decisions to make, but it’s also the best. Fortunately, you do not have to give up on making money to be able to spend more time with your family.

Here are some low capital business ideas to start with.

1. Teaching/Tutoring

If you like sharing your knowledge, you can tell your friends if they need someone to help their kids with difficult subjects or with finishing their homework. If you’ve got music skills or if you know how to play some musical instruments, you can have kids sign up for music lessons.

2.  Tailoring and Alterations

If you have a sewing machine, you can open up a tailoring and alterations shop where people could come in to have their clothes altered to fit them better. All you really need to do is study up on how to make clothes fit better and complement women’s shapes better.

3.  Crafts

If you’re skilled at crocheting or sewing, you can make cute dog costumes. If you’re not ready for long hours of production, you can start with making soaps, candles or perfumes. You can then set up shop online and create a Facebook page or an Etsy shop.

4.  Eatery, Store or Food Stall

One of the easiest low capital business ideas is to open a food stall in front of your home. You can sell easy-to-cook takeout food.

You can  also choose to set up some tables and chairs if you have a space in your yard, to accommodate the lunch hour crowd. Other things to sell include baked goods, homemade fruit juices and snacks.

5. Affiliate Marketing

If you’re a people person, you can choose to be an affiliate of a brand you like. This is more common with beauty brands where you can earn by commission. If you want to learn more about affiliate marketing, read this.

6. Blog/Vlog

If you prefer to earn exclusively online, you can try blogging or vlogging. Doing these, you can earn through ad revenue from creating content.

You can also earn by being a semi-endorser also known as a Social Media Influencer. You may also build your own website and create blog posts there.

Learn how you’ll earn through blogging? Find out here.

7. Electronics Repair

If you’re good in tinkering with electronics, you can accept electronics repair from your friends and relatives for a small fee. You can also post an offer online or you can put a physical sign in front of your home.

8. Renting Out

If you prefer something passive, you can rent out a room you rarely use. There are sites like Airbnb that can help you find backpackers who need a place to stay the night. 

You should be very vigilant in letting people inside your home though, so if possible conduct an interview so you can know your guests better before letting them rent out the place.

Spending time with your children doesn’t need to cost you your means to earn. Low capital business ideas are accessible so you just have to be resourceful and determined.

Low Capital Business Ideas For Moms
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