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2021 Mindful Intentions To Extremely Improve My Life

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The year 2020 has definitely made a lot of impact in a majority of people’s lives not just in some countries but globally. Yes, it was because of the infamous Covid-19 pandemic.

It was the most talked about in all the news. 

It gained the most searched topic in Google.

Who wouldn’t want to get the latest news about it especially during the first few months of hitting the Philippines and also the USA. 

I mentioned the USA because, of course it’s economy somehow affects our country’s economy as well as that of others.

But frankly, I got sick and tired of hearing about Covid-19 on television, radio, and on the internet.

I can’t do anything about it anyway. My world shouldn’t stop because of it or any other outside factors.

Life must go on.

I know it’s not that easy. Our family is also affected, by the way.

Our business which is our only bread and butter has been getting negative sales.

We are only surviving because our parents are helping us. Good thing we also have savings but it is not going to last long. 

Despite this, I choose to remain faithful and hopeful that everything’s going to be alright. 

God will not forsake us.

And so this year 2021, not only will I be mindful of my mistakes I did last year, but I will also have mindful intentions of what I should NOT be doing. 

If in the previous years, I was thinking of the “shoulds”, now I also have to think of the “shouldn’ts”.

Here are the things I SHOULD NOT do. These are what caused my mistakes, and delays in progress.


I have already realized this in the early part of 2020 and I have been doing my best to try not to make things “perfect”.

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Whenever I feel like I am slow in making something, I pause and analyze myself if I’m doing it again. Then I just continue even if there are some minor things that need fixing. I tell myself that it’s going to work anyway even if it’s imperfect. I can always go back to it some other time.

What matters is that it’s working and it’s already good enough. This blog post is not perfect but it’s good enough so I published it.

2. Overthinking

This is connected to being a perfectionist. When it was my second and third time to make a simple logo and come up with the brand colors of my own website, it took me days to finalize the final color combinations and finished a simple logo.

Unfortunately, I never used the logo much more than the website for a long time. I just wasted my time and effort for nothing. Now that I have the proclivity for overthinking, I’m already mindful of how much time I should put into something that would not make an enormous impact on the totality of my goal.

For example, very recently, I’ve created my e-commerce store. I already knew myself and so I just whipped up a very simple logo with only two colors. To make my decision making really quick, I just followed a few e-commerce websites that are quite successful. With that, I was able to finish my brand colors and logo in just one day that would have taken me days if I overthought it again.

3. Be More Results-Oriented

Yes, I was building websites, composing email newsletters, I was posting on social media, but what’s my result? Nothing. Nil. Nada. None. Zilch.

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It makes me feel good and humbled when I’m able to inspire my subscribers. I know because they respond to my emails. But come on! Who am I kidding? I need sales. Who doesn’t? I was too consumed with the thought that my website lacks this and that when for all I know, anyone who visits my website does not even notice what I notice. And that’s why I should be focused on getting results – and by results I mean sales. 

4. Focus

Blogging, affiliate marketing, e-commerce. I was juggling these three which in the end I still got no result.

I thought doing different things so that  I have multiple streams of income or a back-up if one of them fails is a smart thing to do. Well, turns out I was wrong. I knew that sticking to only one thing and making it work is what successful people do. But this is the negative consequence of having an Openness trait of the Five Big Personality Traits.

I tried too many new and different things and so I ended up becoming sort of a Jack of All Trades and master of none. And because I have devoted my energy to do different things, I have also wasted time instead of just focusing on one thing and becoming an expert in that area.

Now I should have a mindful intention of blocking that trait and take control of my thoughts so I won’t fall into that trap of doing many different things once again.

A mindful intention of what I really want to do and have to do and do my best to make it work before jumping into another endeavor.

5. Rest & Recreation

I am guilty of blocking Saturday and Sunday for myself and for my family especially for my kids and not being true to my own rules.

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Well, I did it sometimes but not all the time. My kids and I spend the weekends playing board games or watching movies. But while I was washing the dishes, they would start to play computer games and I just let them so I could work on my computer.

I worked too much. I do not even watch the news anymore or the television for that matter. Until I got overwhelmed, exhausted, and I felt that I couldn’t function effectively anymore. That’s when I started to back down a bit, take it easy, relax, and unwind.

Sometimes I watch Netflix just to take my mind off work. I make a conscious effort to spend not just quality but quantity time with my kids. I’m going to stick to that routine. Work during weekdays and on weekends, it’s just time for myself and/or for my family.

There could be more in this list but I have a mindful intention of keeping a short list. I used to make a list that is quite long but what’s the point of having a long list if I won’t do them all. That’s why I made this short because keeping a few items on my mind is much easier and more doable.

It’s now time for you to share what are the things that you should and should not do this year 2021. 

This is not a new year’s resolution. It’s just a reflection of what you should improve on in order to your life and make this year better than last year. 

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