money can buy happiness

How Money Can Buy Happiness?

Contrary to what a lot of people say that money can’t buy happiness, well, I beg to differ. For me, money can buy happiness. Let me elaborate on my point of view.

What do you feel when you want to buy something but you can’t afford it?

If your family member is ill and you have no money to go see a doctor in a private hospital, how do you feel?

Or if you’re family member is hospitalized and you have no money to pay the hospital bills, how do you feel?

If you can’t send you kids to college because you have no money, how do you feel?

If your kid wants a toy and new clothes during the Christmas season but you can’t afford it, how do you feel?

All of these make you feel sad, right?

Some people might say they’re still happy despite having less in life.

But what I think is that they’re only contented with just getting by. They don’t want to exert more effort to have more in life, and so they would justify poverty as being content with what they have. They make happiness an alibi to cover up an excuse not to work harder. Because they’re happy and contented with what they have and so they don’t have to think big and work harder.

Well, good for you. But what about your kids? What about your family? What about what they want? Don’t they deserve to have more? Just because you’re contented with having less does not mean that they should share the same thinking. I think that is being selfish.

You can be happy but never be contented, otherwise, you will no longer dream and you will no longer make effort and work hard on your dreams.

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What are the sources of happiness?

A study done by The Graduate Institute of Behavioural Sciences in Taiwan, the following are the perceived sources of happiness among their community:

  1. Gratification of need for respect
  2. Harmony of interpersonal relationships
  3. Satisfaction of material needs
  4. Achievement at work
  5. Being at ease of self-control and self-actualization
  6. Pleasure and positive effect
  7. Health

Although it was stated that the role of money in happiness depends heavily on how we perceive happiness according to The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophybelow are among the accepted sources of happiness.

Generally Accepted Correlates of happiness

  1. Supportive relationships
  2. Engagement in interesting and challenging activities
  3. Material and physical security
  4. A sense of meaning or purpose
  5. A positive outlook
  6. Autonomy or control.

Significant correlates include:

  1. Religion
  2. Good governance
  3. Trust
  4. Helping others
  5. Values (e.g., having non-materialistic values)
  6. Achieving goals
  7. Not being unemployed
  8. Connection with the natural environment

By looking at the result of their studies, material needs are one of them.

What causes unhappiness?

  • Poverty
  • Lack of education
  • Illness
  • Financial insecurity
  • Unsafety environment

Do you need plenty of money to be happy?

A new study by Princeton University researchers puts a figure on happiness: $75,000 a year. That is the headline in Time Magazine. Below that amount makes a person unhappy and if it goes beyond that also does not make them any more jovial in the morning. The subjects were most probably Americans but I think that it also applies in any country in their own currency.

When a person reached a certain level of income that he can already afford more than enough of his family’s needs, that makes him happy.

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Do you need money to be happy?

Who does not need money? Nobody. I think everybody needs money so they can buy things that can make them happy.

How do you feel when you got the latest iPhone?

How do you feel when you’re able to take your family to a nice beach with hotel accommodation and all you can eat breakfast?

What about building a nice house for your family? How would you feel?

These are just some of the things that can make you happy because you have the money.

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What other things that money can buy?

Material things are just objects that money can buy. But it’s really what behind those material things that can truly make you happy.

  • Freedom from financial worries
  • Better education for your kids
  • More happy memories with your family when you can travel or just eat out
  • Happiness in your child’s face when you bought her favorite toy
  • Happiness to the less fortunate when you help them
  • Safety and security of your family
  • Great physical health of your family
  • Joy and happiness when you’re able to help less fortunate people
  • Sense of pride and fulfillment
  • Peace of mind

Assuming you are a giving person as you accumulate wealth and that you have not stepped down into other people, these are the things that you will have beyond the material possessions.

If money can buy happiness then why are there wealthy people still commit suicide?

I’ve tried to stay positive in this post but I just want to answer this sensitive question.

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Though money can buy happiness (I mean things that can make you happy), it cannot buy the most important things in life and those are the intangible things that I mentioned below.

What money cannot buy?

  • Love (Just like the song “Can’t buy me love…”
  • Harmonious relationships
  • Manners
  • Values

The caveat in the accumulation of money.

As you work hard and gain more money, you should not forget to spend quality time with your family. Because in your pursuit of financial success, you forget that relationships should be given the utmost importance.

What’s the use of your money if you’re losing your family along the way?

Gaining more money also magnifies a person. Some become giving and generous because they know what it feels like to have less in life. Others turn out to be more greedy as they amass more wealth because of the power it gives them.

If that is the case, then it’s obvious that money won’t give you happiness.


I’m not saying that money will make you happy. What I meant when I say that money can buy happiness is that it can buy you the things that can make you happy. It is just an avenue for you, your family, and other people’s happiness as well when you are helping them.

Money can buy tangible things that bring happiness, but only fleeting happiness that can last for a certain period of time. Real happiness is the joy that you have when you give another person their own happiness.

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