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10 Positive Affirmations For Stay-at-Home Moms To Reduce Stress

Being a mom is not an easy job. In fact, it is the toughest job in the world because you’re raising another human being. But with too many responsibilities at home can take a toll on your mental, emotional, and physical health. The good news is that you can reduce its effects through the positive affirmations for stay-at-home moms which I have created and curated found towards the end of this post.

However, it’s not easy for beginners to talk to yourself about being positive especially when you don’t feel like it. But there’s no hard harm in trying. As the cliche goes, “You are what you think”. 

Read on to know the benefits of positive affirmations for stay-at-home moms.

“Watch your thoughts, they become your words; watch your words, they become your actions; watch your actions, they become your habits; watch your habits, they become your character; watch your character, it becomes your destiny.”

what are positive affirmations?

These are positive self-affirmations or statements that you repeatedly say to yourself to encourage and uplift yourself.

What are the benefits of positive affirmations for stay-at-home moms?

  • It helps you respond in a less defensive and resistant way when threats arise according to this study
  • It reduces negative thoughts and emotions based on this study.
  • It makes you resilient when difficult times arise.
  • It relieves anxiety and promotes better sleep.
  • It improves your physical well-being.

How do you practice positive affirmations?

  1. Write down positive statements or self-affirmation that is true to your values and what you want to become. You may also use positive affirmations here. Make sure to include only words and omit the words “don’t”, “won’t”, “can’t”. Use also the present tense. Write down the things that you want to achieve.
  2. There is no hard fast fast rule on when is the best time of the day you should say positive affirmations. But there is a far greater benefit if you do it in the morning to set yourself up for the entire day of positivity.
  3. Say your affirmations aloud and do it repeatedly until it no longer feels awkward. There is no formula for how many times you have to repeat it but it’s best to do it at least 5 minutes 3 times daily.
  4. Say it with feeling and conviction. Focus on the meaning of each word and believe as you continue saying your affirmations. Imagine what you’re saying is already happening at that moment, and that you already are what you are saying.

10 Positive Affirmations For Stay-At-Home Moms To Reduce Stress

Here are some positive affirmations for stay-at-home moms to help you avoid burnout.

1. “It’s not the material things that you give to your children, but it’s how you made them feel.” – SAHM

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Lots of toys, cool gadgets, pretty dresses, and other material things bring a smile on kids’ faces. But the happiness brought by material things is fleeting. The fun and happy memories give a lasting impact on your kids. Just a few minutes of a warm hug and comforting words will be forever remembered by your precious child.

2. “I will be a better version of myself because I am a role model for my kids. “- SAHMtoday

You are the first role model of your kids especially to your daughter. If you want her to be strong, don’t break down in front of her. If you want them to clean up their rooms, be an organized person. Do you want your kids to be responsible? Show them how you take responsibility for your actions. Be the first to show the traits that you want your kids to have. Truly, you become a better version of yourself when you become a mom.

3. “Taking care of myself is necessary for me to be a great mom.”

Stuffing yourself with problems, bills to pay, a mess to clean up, a pile of laundry, and other different tasks can make you look haggard. Take time off, breathe, relax. Affirm yourself with positive words and detach yourself from these once in a while. Don’t feel guilty when you spend some time on yourself. “Me time” for moms is essential to refresh your mind so you can become effective in carrying out mommy duties.

4. “I choose to be happy.” -SAHM

Some things make you tick and lose your patience. But with the right mindset and knowing that your mood can affect how you treat your kids, then learn to let it go. Choose to be happy rather than to nag. After all, a happy mom makes a happy home.

5. “I forgive myself for my mistakes.”

Just like any other person, moms are also human beings who make mistakes. There is no manual to becoming the best mom no matter how many self-help books you read. Motherhood is not one size fits all and kids grow up differently. Your son might get mad at you, bills can sometimes be forgotten, dirty laundry can pile up, and you can sometimes mess up with your cooking. All of that is ok. Everybody makes mistakes. Even the most intelligent person in the world makes mistakes so don’t be hard on yourself. Remember that no matter how many mistakes you make, to your kids, you will always be their superhero.

7. “I believe in myself.”

Stay-at-home moms have less social interaction, therefore support system becomes very limited. Watching motivational videos and reading inspirational books can help you boost your diminishing self-worth. But these are only guidelines and self-help resources. Ultimately, you must first learn to believe in yourself.

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8. “I accept all the things that make me grow.”

Problems are things you cannot avoid just as there are challenges that come in motherhood. Embrace all that for these will make you grow and mature. If you’re a mom who also wants to do something for yourself but some obstacles get in the way, that’s an opportunity for you to become resourceful and creative.

9. “What my children think of me is more important than what others do.”

Each child is unique. Even your kids have different personalities. Accept them for who they are and for who they are not. Focus on their strengths, not on their weaknesses. Enhance their innate skills and potential to make them feel good about themselves and excel more in what they love to do.

10. I always see what’s good about my children.

People are quick to judge and you cannot do anything about that. So, why worry? Do not be consumed with the thought of how you can impress your mother-in-law or how you should look good when you drop your kids off in school. Yes, it’s also important to look good so you can feel good inside. But what’s more important is how you spend more time with your kids than spending time on things that won’t impact your family life.

Below are more positive affirmations for stay-at-home moms that is good for 60 days of daily affirmation. You can also print them out for your daily meditation.

Printable Quotes Image

  1. It’s not the material things that you give to your children, but it’s how you made them feel.
  2. I will be a better version of myself because I am a role model for my kids.
  3. Taking care of myself is necessary for me to be a great mom.
  4. I choose to be happy.
  5. I forgive myself for my mistakes.
  6. My challenges are opportunities to help me grow.
  7. I believe in myself.
  8. I am grateful for everything that I have.
  9. What my children think of me is more important than what others do.
  10. I always see what’s good about my children.
  11. I accept all the things that make me grow.
  12. I am blessed to be the keeper of the home.
  13. I am leaving a legacy of love.
  14. I am my child’s superhero.
  15. All problems have solutions.
  16. I do not need permission to feel wonderful.
  17. Be gentle with yourself, you’re doing the best you can.
  18. When there is chaos around me, I am the calm.
  19. I will laugh with my children today.
  20. My job at home is worth millions.
  21. I deserve a break
  22. I am my kids’ guardian angel.
  23. I am more than just a stay-at-home mom.
  24. Play time with my kids is more important than making the house spotless.
  25. For all that you didn’t do today, there’s a lot more you did. You’re a good mom.
  26. My children do not care about my flaws.
  27. It’s going to be ok.
  28. I am brave and courageous for trying even when I think I can’t do it.
  29. It’s okay to ask for help.
  30. Everything I do serves a purpose for my family.
  31. I give myself permission to do something to nurture my mind and my body.
  32. I am striving to be a better person every day that my kids can emulate.
  33. My children will not remember a squeaky clean house, they will remember the time I spent with them
  34. My family appreciates and loves me, even when they forget to tell me so.
  35. Today I will play and laugh with my kids for I can never get today back.
  36. I am resilient, strong, and brave, and I can’t be destroyed.
  37. I refuse negative thoughts so I can make the right decisions for my family.
  38. I am calm and peaceful under pressure.
  39. I listen to what my kids have to say because they also have a voice that must be heard.
  40. I am my family’s peacemaker.
  41. I can control my children with love and gentleness.
  42. It’s ok to have time for myself. I need this to refresh my mind so I can give more love to my kids.
  43. I love myself for who I am and my kids love me.
  44. I release all negative thought and emotions.
  45. My thoughts are filled with positivity and my life is prosperous.
  46. I am so blessed. I couldn’t ask for more.
  47. I abandon my old habits and take up new, more positive ones.
  48. I acknowledge my self-worth; my confidence is soaring.
  49. I can handle anything with grace.
  50. Taking care of myself makes me a better mom.
  51. Everything that is happening now is happening for my ultimate good.
  52. I view things in different perspective so I can understand better.
  53. I feel so fabulous and amazing.
  54. My obstacles are moving out of my way; my path is carved towards greatness.
  55. Everything is moving in accordance to what I want.
  56. I am my kids’ best friend.
  57. Today I allow time for self-care and rejuvenation.
  58. I am in charge of my thoughts, and I don’t judge myself.
  59. My self-esteem is high because I honor who I am.
  60. Today I am enthusiastic and full of energy
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You can carry out your daily mommy duties effectively if you’re in a good mental, emotional, and physical state. One of the ways you can achieve this is by practicing the positive affirmations for stay-at-home moms daily. You will be amazed on how it can transform yourself into a better mom.

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