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Real Talk and Inspirational Words of Successful Mom Bloggers

Blogging is easy. You just write articles or anything that’s on your mind. Blogging is also a creative outlet of moms like me because social life is scarce and there’s a need to let out our thoughts and emotions, and blogging is a creative way to do it.

It gets fun when you have a lot to talk about and you love what you do, but there are also challenges especially when you want to monetize it.

To give you some ideas on how stay-at-home moms turned into successful mom bloggers, their challenges along the way, and how they handled it, these mom bloggers shared their experiences and also gave inspirational advice for stay-at-home moms.

Successful Mom Bloggers

Mom on Duty

Owner: Mommy Kim

What motivated you to start a blog?

At first, it was only to share my journey as a new mom. Eventually, it became a hub for other parents to find parenting lessons, inspiration, and a no-judgment community.

What were the struggles or problems you faced as you work on your blog?

The rise of the microbloggers gave me an identity crisis as a blogger. Lol! I felt like I needed to do what they’re doing to keep up. I drained myself by being on social media all the time. But that wasn’t me. I’m the gal who loves to write on her blog. I still do social media, but I don’t force it anymore.

How did you handle those problems?

I went back to my WHY and what I love to do.

What advice can you give to stay-at-home moms who want to pursue their dreams or passions but don’t know how?

JUST START. This is where people get stuck in all the time. If you take that one step, you’ll find taking one more, and then another one. Before you know it, you are where you ought to be already.

What advice can you give to stay-at-home moms who seem to be losing their self-worth and self-confidence?

Know that you are ENOUGH and know that you are in the right place at the right time.

Owner: Mommy Levy

What motivated you to start a blog?

A decade ago, my goal why I started blogging was to be able to have an online journal of what’s happening in my life as a mom and a wife. Writing on my blog is one of the things I did to keep me sane. It became my outlet to share things on my mind. Luckily, I gained friends through blogging.

What were the struggles or problems you faced as you work on your blog?

I am not a techie person, my husband was the one who sets up my blog for me. I was using a free platform before, but when I decided that I want to earn from blogging somehow, I decided to have my own domain and hosting. My problem was setting it up, I’m afraid to do it on my own since as I have mentioned, I am not techie nor knowledgeable about coding.

How did you handle those problems?

I hired a blog designer/programmer to do the job of fixing and designing my blog for me. She’s the one who sets up everything.

What advice can you give to stay-at-home moms who want to pursue their dreams or passions but don’t know how?

If you want to reach your dream, make a move NOW! First is to make a plan on how you will do it, break it down into smallest details then take a leap of faith and just do one step at a time.

What advice can you give to stay-at-home moms who seem to be losing their self-worth and self-confidence?

Not everyone can be a stay at home mom and can do your job. You are doing a great job. Being with your family 24/7, taking care of them, fixing stuff that they need is tiring, I know. That’s why my advise is to take a break once in a while, wake up early, exercise, sip your coffee while it’s hot, read a book, be with your friends, blog, enjoy grocery shopping alone or think of ways to earn while you stay home. It can be baking or cooking food then sell it to the neighborhood. Guide your kids to be a better citizen of your community. If they are well disciplined and can identify what’s right from wrong then I think that’s a legacy you should be proud of yourself.

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Momma ‘n Manila

Owner: Mommy Michelle Ressa Aventajado

What motivated you to start a blog?

I had been thinking about blogging a couple of years before Gelli was born. I remember reading an article about moms who were blogging in NY and how they were sharing their motherhood journeys online. I thought it was amusing and of course I enjoyed the idea that they were sharing. It makes you feel like you’re not alone.

But when Gelli was born, I DID feel alone.

I found a ton of moms writing about their experiences abroad. I saw moms from Australia, the states and the UK sharing about their beautiful children. They shared real and raw parts of their motherhood and their hearts. They shared joys. Triumphs. Heartaches. Challenges. All because of an extra chromosome. AND there were no dominant Asian voices. I didn’t see any Filipina Nanays sharing in a positive way. I didn’t hear nor read their voices…

So, it started with me sharing a few articles that I wrote for different publications. First with Working Mom, and then with Rappler and Smart Parenting. And I felt, perhaps it would be the time to start writing and sharing my heart.

What were the struggles or problems you faced as you work on your blog?

I felt like I was all over the place.

When it came to sharing about my motherhood, it was clear I wanted to start with the challenges that I was facing as a mom to a child with Down Syndrome.

But of course, I was more than just Gelli’s mom.

So, I realized I needed to figure out what I enjoyed writing about and what came naturally. I was copy writing and earning from research articles and others, so I knew that my voice on the blog needed only to be my creative outlet.

I wasn’t worried about anything more than just sharing my life as a mom living in Manila, authentically.

It took me about 3 years (after I set up my own URL) to come up with the different headings and subheadings of things i liked to write about. In fact, I really just had to assess and see what articles and posts were enjoyable for me to write.

Matters of the heart came easy.

Education was something I was passionate about.

And of course Special Needs concerns was something I felt the need to educate others about too.

But I also liked to share our travels.

Things I cooked.

Recipes that were passed down from generations before me. Marriage.

So I guess, I wanted to be sure there was purpose in my sharing.

How did you handle those problems?

After revamping and rebranding (2016) I felt like I had a direction that encompassed more of my objectives in keeping a website where I shared so much of my journey.

I really had to sit down and think of it…

I did this with the help of a website designer. Working with a professional definitely made it easier.

What advice can you give to stay-at-home moms who want to pursue their dreams or passions but don’t know how?

I think the best thing I did was make time for myself.Sometimes, I would just have coffee with my other mommy friends.Sometimes, self care looked like a vacation with my sisters.Sometimes, going to a workshop with other mommas with a life coach was what helped.Other times it can look like taking a leadership course, or a purposeful class to center.Other times it can look like prayer. Taking time to be more than someone’s momma is an important part of remembering who you are and what you are passionate about. When you find your passion…it leads you to your purpose. So, if I was passionate about education and special needs BEFORE Gelli was born, after her birth, I realized I needed to do more. My passion for making the world a better place for my children, eventually lead to me advocating for individuals of all abilities… THIS BECAME MY PURPOSE.Gelli chose me as her momma.God gave her an extra chromosome.There is purpose in all of that. Using my website, my voice, and my role as Executive Director for Best Buddies Philippines, I am gifted with the ability to share with others. SHARING IS CARING.

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What advice can you give to stay-at-home moms who seem to be losing their self-worth and self-confidence?


Work on yourself.


Talk to God.

Take time for yourself.

Invest in yourself.

Find something creative that’s just yours.

Surround yourself with other women who you want to emulate.

Learn from them.

Never stop learning…

We live in a time now, where we can get almost everything online…

Take advantage of this…


Read self help books, books on relationships, books on faith.

Improve on what you know.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Don’t be afraid to ask your partner to take care of the kids while you take time for yourself.

There is this poem that I read somewhere written by a stay at home mom where it refers to the days being long but the years being short. Admittedly, when all my big kids were small, the days really DID seem long. But my gosh-the years were definitely shorter. How do I have two kids in college now?

Listen, it comes down to this.

We are raising the next generation.

We are raising the next generation of leaders, thinkers, and business owners.

Mothers are so vital to shaping their children’s thought processes, coping mechanisms, and abilities to problem solve.

Have you ever looked at your child and saw yourself in something they did? They learn from us.They learn from what we DO…NOT WHAT WE SAY or what we tell them to do .

They watch us, even when we think they aren’t watching. The biggest responsibility we have next to God, and our partners, is that of raising our children.

Do we want our children to see that we don’t know how to take care of ourselves? Or that we don’t make time for ourselves? Or that we aren’t KIND to ourselves? We are the models. We are the measuring sticks. We are how they see the world for the first time. We show them how to move around in this world. If we move with kindness. They will too. And not just kindness for others…but more importantly ourselves.

If your child sees you confidently attacking problems and challenges with self respect and a clear sense of worth and awareness, won’t they do the same?

Our confidence and self worth does not come in the accomplishments, the materials that we own, or the recognition that we gain. It comes from also knowing that God has a purpose for us. In our motherhood. In our marriages. In our communities. In all of it. With His help, and the help of our partners, we can be beautiful mommas who help shape beautiful human beings too…

And we can do all of this, while allowing ourselves space and room to continue to grow and learn as well.

Our children, are, after all, our greatest teachers…

My Mom Friday

Owner: Mommy Michelle

What motivated you to start a blog?

My childhood friend, who now lives in Canada, convinced me to start my own blog and share my experiences as a stay-at-home mom. I’ve been following her food and travel blog and a few other blogs at that time. So I thought I can also try and start a hobby.

What were the struggles or problems you faced as you work on your blog?

The design and layout, how to write – creating relevant and interesting content, taking good pictures, and how to reach a bigger audience.

How did you handle those problems?

I started with sharing my parenting journey, taking notes of my food and shopping discoveries which I eventually write about, creating a “blog roll” – other blogs to follow and subscribe to, which was popular then. Engaging with other bloggers by posting comments in their blogs, being active on Twitter and Facebook to promote and share links to every blog posts. I also established a weekly theme, every Friday I have a category of what to post. (Read more on the What page on my blog).

What advice can you give to stay-at-home moms who want to pursue their dreams or passions but don’t know how?

Follow you gut.Know your priorities first, then start planning and educating yourself about the business or field you want to get into.Get support from family and immediate circle by asking for advice and referrals.Research, research, research.Gather your resources and arm yourself with the knowledge and skills to start your passion project or new business.Think positively and do everything with integrity.

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What advice can you give to stay-at-home moms who seem to be losing their self-worth and self-confidence?

I’ve been there. I’ve had an accomplished and fulfilling career in advertising until I had my second child. My husband and I agreed that I can stop working and focus on our growing family. I love and continue to embrace my being a SAHM. But I’ve come to accept that there will always be moments when I still question my value, question my parenting, and what else is there for me beyond taking care of my kids and managing our home.

Learn to shift your mindset.

Block negative thoughts and affirm your being present for your children. You are important and your time spent with them in their growing years is priceless. Take pride in that.

Take time for self-care. Indulge in hobbies and take quick breaks to be alone. Be with girl friends, let loose and have honest adult conversations.

Recognize that you are more than a wife and mom. You have your own interests and dreams. Share it with your family. They can help you fulfill them :).

Thank your spouse when he supports your personal pursuits.

Be honest with yourself. Allow yourself to rest and recharge.

Do what makes you happy.


Owner: Mommy Kath

What motivated you to start a blog?

I started this blog as a diary of my skin problem journey. I suffered from adult acne after a year giving birth. I lureked on forums and website discussing skin care products and from there I was inspired to write a review of the products that I’m currently using to treat my pimples.

What were the struggles or problems you faced as you work on your blog?

Focusing on what to write and how to make great content. I need to buy products weekly so there will be a regular update.

How did you handle those problems?

When I was starting, I only blog about beauty and fashion then I realized I need to expand my topics that’s why I added lifestyle, parenting, and health in my blog content.

What advice can you give to stay-at-home moms who want to pursue their dreams or passions but don’t know how?

Know your purpose why you want to do something and do it not only for your own good but for the benefit of all. Blog because you want to share and not to gain profit from it. If you make great content, everything follows. You can earn too in the long run, just wait for the perfect timining.

What advice can you give to stay-at-home moms who seem to be losing their self-worth and self-confidence?

Love yourself first.

Learn to accept the reality that being a stay at home mom means doing jobs you love and hate, exciting and exhausting, unimaginable and doable.

Always think of your husband and kids as your inspiration.

When you are tired, give yourself a break. When you feel like giving up talk to your husband.

If you are happy and excited show it by kissing or hugging your kids out of nowhere.

Days will not always be bright because there maybe gloomy ones but always remember that it will all start with you.

Don’t be afraid to speak out your thought and show what you feel. At the end of the day, your family needs you and you are priceless.

I’m sure these successful mom bloggers inspired you and motivated you to continue working on yourself or on your goals as much as they have inspired me more to become a better version of myself.

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