9 Ultimate Reasons Why Freelancing Is Better Than A Regular Job

Freelancing jobs trumps social dictates and norms these days.

Gone are the days when we have one income-earner household. Gone also are the days when both partners have desk-bound jobs.

Nowadays, everything is liquid, free-flowing, adapting to the needs and the demands of the economy.

With the rising costs of living, the increasing prices of everyday commodities, it is becoming clearer that even two income-earning households are going to have a stretch in making their budgets fit for their families. This is where freelancing comes in.

A freelancer is basically a self-employed person who is not tied to an employer for the long-term. She has the freedom to do what he chooses at the rates that pleases her and the customer.

Best of all, a freelancer can do work for a lot of paying employers at the same time!

It is a new world of freedom. A new world of opportunities. A new world that would pretty much open up new avenues for you to become financially secure.

And best of all, you can dictate the terms, you make the hours, you are the boss! Your earning depends on how much effort you put in – the freedom is there for the taking!

Here are other reasons why freelancing is bETTER than a regular job:

1. You are your own boss

For many who are doing freelancing, this is one of the major things that they see as an advantage.

Whether you do this as a gig or if this is your bread and butter, freelancing makes you your own boss.

No one is going to call you at wee hours of the morning asking for deadline or a missing file. There is no boss who will call you when you’re on leave or on a day off.

You just work, do what is asked, finish all the daily or weekly tasks, then submit. That’s it.

2. Your Finances depend on your efforts

While it is true that this consideration is true for other occupations as well, freelance workers know that they dictate how much they earn per job, per day, per week, per month.

Sure there would be some lean months – some days where there wouldn’t be jobs available for you to bid or take. But the secret to freelancer success is how you establish client relationships.

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Give it your best shot every time and you would find a regular client who would help your finances out.

In my case, I started out earning P500 per day on writing assignments (three 500 word articles per day) but when I found my niche and a regular client, I would regularly earn upwards of a P1000 per day doing work three to four hours!

Take that for financial stability!

You set the work you want – you get to choose the work you are passionate about. It is your option to get to work with clients you trust and have confidence in.

You get to earn as much as you want or need – in fact, you can choose to set your price on almost any freelance work! But you get to negotiate with clients – to both side’s contentment.

The more cache and positive reputation you build, the better your chances of landing the coveted tasks increase.


This is probably the best thing you can take advantage of as a freelancer. You set your own hours and set your workplace.

Whether your speed through your orders or do it at a more pedestrian pace, it is up to you – as long as you meet your deadlines of course!

I remember when I first started to write as a freelancer – I would work on my orders every time there’s a lull in my regular gig – or at least in the confines of my home office.

I even did my tasks after I did my household chores – and I was virtually stress-free! This had caused me to feel as if I had all the time in the world!

It was pretty liberating – dictating when I worked and at what pace I wanted! The freedom was and still is – exhilarating! Indeed, FREElancing is awesome.

4.No Politics

As you are your own boss, you cannot fire yourself! Kidding aside – the thought that you have a job for the long term, despite the ebbs and flow of the freelance work – is a positive thing.

You wouldn’t have to worry about intra-office politics – like getting stabbed in the back by envious co-workers. You would, as previously noted, work on anything you want, for anyone you want at the prices you deserve.

Also, you earn as much as you want, all through your efforts! No more quotas, no more nagging bosses, just honest to goodness work!

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5.Freedom To Choose Clients and Projects

You will not get this freedom in a traditional job. Can you choose who gets to be your supervisor or you manager? Heck no!

But with freelancing, you can choose the who you want to work with and what project to take on.

If you feel this client is easy to talk and won’t make unreasonable demands, you can accept the job offer and work with him or her.

You can also take on projects that you believe you can do given the required deadline set by the client. Unlike when you work in an office where your boss can just dump his workload on you until you get stressed out because of the deadlines.

6. You Keep all the profit

100% of the pay goes to your pocket. Well, maybe not the whole amount because the freelancing site where you got the client has a small fee that will be taken out of your pay. Then the net amount is yours to keep.

It’s your option to get yourself the benefits of medical and health insurance, and a social security.


7. You can Take a break anytime

Working in front of the computer for hours even if you’re just sitting is also a bit tiring.

Sitting down in front of the screen puts a strain on your neck, shoulders, back, and hips. Oh! And of course, your eyes.

But that’s ok because you have the perk of taking a break anytime.

You can do a 15-minute meditation so you can rest your mind and eyes. Working also makes you sleepy. So to keep you alert, you can grab yourself a home-made cappuccino and a sandwich or perhaps chips would be great, too.

You can also stretch and exercise your back and muscles by doing a simple yoga. I find this very relaxing and feels so good on my back. It’s the best exercise for both my mind and body.

8.Less overhead

In the practical side of the ledger, once you go full-time in your freelance work and get yourself started, you would only have to worry about a few overhead costs.

Invest in the basic freelancer starter kit – a reliable laptop, fast internet connection, a few other peripherals and you are good to go!

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You can invest in information and knowledge by enrolling in online courses that will teach you the basics.

Invest in the basic freelancer starter kit – a reliable laptop, fast internet connection, a few other peripherals and you are good to go!

You can invest in information and knowledge by enrolling in online courses that will teach you the basics such as a course on how to become a virtual assistant.

No need to spend for your daily commute (as you work from the comforts of your own home – unless you send packages as part of your service), which in its own right is stress-relieving already.

Once you get over the lean months and you get to establish your cache in the industry, then it is as smooth sailing as can be!

9.Family Time

As we all know, our jobs interfere with our family time that’s why you should also know how to work at home with kids. And as we know, family time is important.

When you do freelance work, you get to spend more time with your kids.

You wouldn’t have to go out of your home if you don’t want to. Stay with your kids, watch and guide them as they grow, be present on important occasions.

This is the best benefit especially for moms. They don’t have to feel guilty when they have to leave their kids so they can go to work. With freelancing, you get to earn from home and not missing out on your kids’s milestones.


There are other reasons why you should become a freelancer but these, upon our reckoning are the best things that would help you get over the hump when you are facing indecision.

Remember, every journey begins with a small step – and as freelancers know, it takes just one successful gig to get yourself hooked.

Pretty soon, you’ll be among the best in the community – one of the dependable Incredibles or whatever you may want to call yourselves. It pays to be in the world of online freelancing.


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